Did you know you can get the cell phone numbers for virtually anyone, including your farms, prospects and owner lists?

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you make more money with our phone number appending service (You provide your data and record lists and we provide you with up to 6 phone numbers per record for marketing purposes)!

  • Upload all your past client info and we provide current phone numbers for (up to 6 numbers per record).
  • Upload farm lists, owner lists, lead lists and we give you phone numbers to market to.
  • Use the numbers to market your new listing in the neighborhood via text, straight to voicemail or call and personally invite them.
  • Send a text, voicemail or call to a specific community alerting them you have a buyer for their neighborhood
  • Use the cell numbers to announce farm raffles and upcoming events to a specific targeted community.
  • Call on homes in default, with tax liens or BK.
  • Build an outbound calling team which calls and requests listing appointments and complimentary price valuations to generate new listings.

Those are just a few of the ways other Top producing Realtors are using our service to generate more buyers, sellers and commissions.

How to get started:

  • Get your data list that you want phone numbers for ready. Excel format, CSV with proper fields. See example below:

  • Email your list to support@mortgagedatasolutions along with your name, phone number and contact info.

  • We will review order, send you pay invoice and return list with phone numbers within 24 hours of paid invoice. (Note that not all records will have phone numbers. You will only pay for records we provide at least 1 number for. We have a hit rate of about 60-65%).

Download our data upload sample format for appending orders