General Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions

By ordering from this website, you agree to the terms stated on this page. All Data will be sent within 48 hours of payment unless otherwise stated. MDS will make every effort to ensure the data criteria meets industry standards on all orders. Customer understands that there are separate Federal and State Do Not Call (DNC) lists and suppression against the Federal and State DNC lists is the responsibility of the purchaser. MDS can accept or imply no liability or responsibility related to the suppression of files against DNC lists.

The Customer understands and agrees that, in the event that the DNC list provided by the Customer contains inaccuracies, is incomplete, or is obsolete, that MDS has completely fulfilled its obligation to Customer and offers no indemnification or protection of any kind in this regard. The customer understands and agrees to be compliant with all TCPA laws. The customer is responsible for scrubbing all cell phone numbers out of the marketing lists and scrubbing numbers against the Do Not Call Registry. MDS cannot be held responsible or liable for any illegal use of the marketing lists provided. All Sales are Final and all fees paid to MDS are non-refundable.

Each list will contain:

1. Prospect first and last names
2. Up to 5 phone numbers per record
3. Original loan amount
4. Current lender name
5. Current interest rate
6. Full address for each lead
7. Loan start date
8. Loan Term

You're prohibited to re-sell the data and or lists purchased from MDS.

There are NO refunds on any data or services provided by MDS due to the delicate and time sensitive nature of exclusive data, lists, leads and phone numbers.

MDS promises to never re-sell an exclusive list, all lists and data are 1 time sales unless otherwise stated. By purchasing any lists or data frm MDS you agree to these terms of service.

*Not all phone numbers are guaranteed to be in service or be owned by the borrower in question. This is a blanket statement, but you will find the numbers and data we provide to be the very best in the industry.